Making Simple Things Much Simpler

When we came to this earth as babies, we came as simple human beings; simple to the extent that we did not have anything, not even a cloth to cover our bodies. As infants, we lived simple lives – simple yet in unity with our nature. Everything we did in life had a purpose; we […]

Sydney’s Property Market May Have Hit a Brick Wall

In the recent property data from October to December 2015, it seems the Sydney Property Market had decreased by 3.1%, the first drop in property prices since June 2012. That is a wow factor. The biggest drop happened in Canterbury and Bankstown, which recorded 5.3%, while the south recorded a decrease of 4.3%. Areas in […]

The Value of a Good Mortgage Broker

In Australia, most people seek a mortgage broker’s help when purchasing their dream house. According to the statistics, more than 50% of home loans are being underwritten by the mortgage broker. Settlement and the key Now, we will share with you our two cents’ thoughts on the roles of a mortgage broker; the licensing requirement; […]

How to Make an Offer on a House

How to make an offer on a house Making a successful offer on a house is the first important thing you need to accomplish to ensure that you will get the house that you and your loved ones want. In Australia, there are three different ways to buy a house, private treaty, auction, and private […]

5 Steps You Need to Consider Before Investing in a Property

Interested in property investment? There are five things you need to plan well before doing so. 1) Set your specific and quantifiable investment goals – for example, some of your goals would be to generate a steady cash inflow of $1,000 per month and/or derive an expected capital appreciation of 20% after a one-year time […]