Claire Frear Avatar
Claire Frear
Team was friendly and efficient with the taxes. We also used them for help with capital gains exemption, we were advised a price but after we started were then told there was an additional price if it was successful (which it was). Cannot fault thier success, but the full price should have been disclosed at the start. I know it's nitpicking, but the team really struggled to spell our names correctly.
Sophia B Avatar
Sophia B
This company is extremely professional and customer driven. They are so kind and charismatic!! I highly recommend if you need tax services.
Jeffrey Espinosa Avatar
Jeffrey Espinosa
John was great and very friendly. It was done very effective and fast. No issues
Mntwanarh Ndurhdurhzorh Avatar
Mntwanarh Ndurhdurhzorh
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Tim Jones Avatar
Tim Jones
I have found EndureGo Tax staff to be reliable, most helpful and always flexible to suit their clients needs. A very professional business.
Yukii Kyo Avatar
Yukii Kyo
Highly recommend Endurego Tax to anyone looking for exceptional tax services. They truly care about their clients and go above and beyond to meet their needs. Their expertise and dedication are unparalleled and I am confident that anyone who uses their services will be completely satisfied. I give them a well-deserved 5-star rating!
AK Pmps Avatar
AK Pmps
Highly recommend Endurego Tax to anyone looking for exceptional tax services. They truly care about their clients and go above and beyond to meet their needs. Their expertise and dedication are unparalleled and I am confident that anyone who uses their services will be completely satisfied. I give them a well-deserved 5-star rating!
Uhm Gomowtsang Avatar
Uhm Gomowtsang
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Katie Arbon Avatar
Katie Arbon
Great to work with. Very happy. Will definitely go back when I need to.
John Patrick Padua Avatar
John Patrick Padua
I had a great experience with EndureGo Tax and John's team! They put in extra excellent effort to ensure that I received a high-quality service. Their attention to detail and knowledge of tax regulations was impressive. They were professional, courteous, and went above and beyond to answer my questions and concerns. I highly recommend EndureGo Tax for anyone seeking reliable and expert tax services. Thank you, John and team, for all your hard work!
Patricia Tanya Eugenio Avatar
Patricia Tanya Eugenio
Working with John is a good experience. He is very hands-on, he makes sure that I understand everything. Ronok and Amelia are also very accommodating and kind. Good job!
Mark Wilson Avatar
Mark Wilson
I have had the opportunity to work with John and the team at EndureGo for the past 4 years. As a Sole Trader, John and his team have helped me to no end, preparing my BAS statements and tax returns and helping me maximise my returns. The team really are a pleasure to work with.
Pete Mac Avatar
Pete Mac
Exceptional work, great communication, attention to detail. Team Endure keep up the awesome work
Sang Tang Avatar
Sang Tang
John, Amelia and Ronak are easy to deal with. They listened to your concerns and explained in professional manner but also easy to understand. Pleased to have them to have them to handle all of my matters.
AD Sydney Avatar
AD Sydney
Many thanks Amelia, John and Team. Very much appreciate the work and effort - customising services to supporting us!
Richard Jackson Avatar
Richard Jackson
I used EndureGo Tax for the first time for a complex tax return and had a great experience. Great communication in explaining what to do and made the whole process simple and easy. Highly recommend.
Bhaskar Rai Avatar
Bhaskar Rai
The team is great! Highly recommended!!! John and Cindy as discussed, we will be looking at bringing through a few additional colleagues next year.
Elliot Jauregui Avatar
Elliot Jauregui
Friendly and helpful team to lodge my tax return. When questions arose they took their time to answer in detail.
Krishore Subramaniam Avatar
Krishore Subramaniam
Amazing people to work with, and they were more than happy to spend time with me to clarify any questions I had from start to end of lodging my tax return
Salihu Muham'd Avatar
Salihu Muham'd
I got paid and it's really amazing to say that God used Mrs SHEILA BRATTON trading way to make it possible and i find her to be trustworthy and legit. I will advice everyone who is into trading to take a look and see if you will be able to achieve profits from her like i did. It was a safe and easy investing opportunity i published this to recommend her to others and you can say thanks to me later.
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tanya nandra Avatar
tanya nandra
Great team! Very professional and and time effective 10/10…Would recommend to everyone.
BigRed Pictures Avatar
BigRed Pictures
Great staff, super helpful and friendly
Rachael Bailes Avatar
Rachael Bailes
Great people great service!
yuanxin he Avatar
yuanxin he
I am a customer from endurgo. They are very very responsible! And do their job very well for me! Thank you endurgo team!!!
Jeremy Piccolo (Mr Dad) Avatar
Jeremy Piccolo (Mr Dad)
Kevin and John are friendly and professional, and reply quickly. The rates are fairly priced too. I got a few quotes and ended up choosing EndureGo even though I’m not from the area. Very happy with the team and how they’ve helped us set up our family trust and answered many difficult questions around tax. Thanks guys! You deserve the 5 star feedback!
Eric Duffy Avatar
Eric Duffy
It was a pleasure to deal with John and his team He looked after my returns and made sure that my interest was looked after and I got everything that I was entitled to. A very nice group and I have no hesitation in recommending ENDUREGO TAX to anyone that needs help with a tax issue . Thoroughly professional. Eric Duffy. Ashfield NSW
Mani Sen Avatar
Mani Sen
I went for a consultation with John who went through the tax lodgement process with me and explain the deductions. Highly recommend him
Habeeb challabi Avatar
Habeeb challabi
I went for a consultation with John, very informative, helpful and everything was explained clearly. Highly recommend him ?
Peijie Ma Avatar
Peijie Ma
Endurego Tax is the most professional accountant I have ever seen. They are very kind and work hard. Thank you very much, Endurego Tax!!!
mike he Avatar
mike he
Very professional company
KongMing Zhu Avatar
KongMing Zhu
Professional accountants & Friendly team. Joey
吳峻毅 Avatar
非常專業及細心,教了我不少專業知識,真的非常感謝 John 大哥。
Victor Marco Avatar
Victor Marco
I highly recommend John for anybody looking to get their individual, business & company tax returns.
He is highly knowledgeable, responsive & proactive. He also has outstanding problem identification & solving skills.
Jesse Dionysiou Avatar
Jesse Dionysiou
John and team from Endure Go Tax has done a great job as my accountant, great to communicate with and always helping with any important questions. I highly recommend these guys, best accountant I’ve worked with. Thank you Endure Tax
Victor Marco Avatar
Victor Marco
I highly recommend John for anybody looking to get their individual, business & company tax returns.
He is highly knowledgeable, responsive & proactive. He also has outstanding problem identification & solving skills.
Alan Bartlett Avatar
Alan Bartlett
These guys have taken a lot of stress off my shoulders. I can't thank them enough. Got a great result for me & they are really nice people!!!!
Ngan Vu Bao Avatar
Ngan Vu Bao
John is very professional and always goes extra miles to help me fix my tax matters. Highly recommended!!!
shingwai888 Avatar
I would like to thank John and Cindy for their professional work and advice. John and Cindy have always tried to answer my questions as detailed as possible and they have been very helpful. - William Lee
the team at endure go is so good, they are really patient and above all, I am so admired by their level of professionalism and attention to detail, highly recommended to anyone who is looking for a professional accountant in their neighborhood
Quentin Li Avatar
Quentin Li
Thanks to John my tax return of year before was corrected, saved thousands.
Alexander Wong Avatar
Alexander Wong
Excellent service & advisory by John from Endurego..he is very knowledgeable, patience in answering our tonnes of questions and sincerely helpful. Would be more than glad to recommend to others 👍👍👍👍👍
Tom Lancaster Avatar
Tom Lancaster
We have recieved great advice from John at Endurego. We would recommend to others and we will use again in future.
Betty Tran Avatar
Betty Tran
Was referred to John Cheng and EndureGo by a fellow colleague and have been provided with great customer service and professionalism. Was able to get my tax matters handled in a timely manner and John really went the extra mile to assist me in liaising with the ATO to correct a previously made error. Would highly recommend.
Yuan Zhen Peng Avatar
Yuan Zhen Peng
Very professional service and friendly above most honest and down to earth
David Lam Avatar
David Lam
EndureGO provided a reliable and speedy service. They are professional and friendly.
Mike Avatar
John, I want you to know that I am happy with the quality of service, experience and knowledge you and your company provides. I sincerely appreciate your help, responsiveness and the way you conduct business. I have recommended you and your company to others because of my satisfaction with your service. You undoubtedly exceeded my expectation, and I look forward to doing business with you for many years to come.
Leroy Proctor Avatar
Leroy Proctor
John and his team at endurego were excellent! I got two tax returns done with a better than expected return straight into my account, they were also great in helping me to maximise my returns moving forward! I do recommend and I will be back!! Thanks guys
justine ian Avatar
justine ian
John and Rich are the most amazing people I've ever met! they are so friendly and kind! very approachable! they are really on top on what they are doing! RECOMMENDED!
Nick W Avatar
Nick W
First time using EndureGo for my individual tax return this year and I'm happy with the tax return outcome. Overall positive experience with this company, good and reasonable response time for inquiries.
shao soo Avatar
shao soo
Great refund got a lot of money for me, professional and friendly.
Geoff Tran Avatar
Geoff Tran
Very good work large refund friendly, service is great, good job
vicky sun Avatar
vicky sun
big refund and fast tax return and highly recommended.
my Y Avatar
my Y
great tax return services big and fast return.
Molly ZHU Avatar
Molly ZHU
professional and friendly staff, and highly recommended.
bo guan Avatar
bo guan
速度快 服务好 价格合理
Chelsia Zhuang Avatar
Chelsia Zhuang
Large refund better than what i did thanks andika friendly and professional staff
Jessica Suriaatmadja Avatar
Jessica Suriaatmadja
great company! friendly and professional staff to help to get maximise tax return. Highly recommended �
YaWen Zhu Avatar
YaWen Zhu
very professional and friendly staff. highly recommended.
Meya Yue Avatar
Meya Yue
Big and fast return 🙂 highly recommended!
吳峻毅 Avatar
Anna Huang Avatar
Anna Huang
Good experience, you guys should do your taxes here too. The staff members were warm and welcoming. 😀 Highly recommended.
Ni Alicia Avatar
Ni Alicia
Very good and professional service! It is good to learn more information about the tax assessment and financial plan from Endure Go.
My Qu Avatar
My Qu
Good company and great service. Professional staff with great patience:). Highly recommended!
Jenae Qu Avatar
Jenae Qu
great staff with professional knowledge. fast service and good refund. highly recommended!!!
mandy chang Avatar
mandy chang
Good company and great service. Good refund! Highly recommended!
Richard Rosendorff Avatar
Richard Rosendorff
Endurego is the way to go for all your financial needs!
Chen Wei Chen Avatar
Chen Wei Chen
澳洲背包客……稅務 咨詢超敬業!
Amanda Chang Avatar
Amanda Chang
Great tax return services and highly recommended!!
Danny Chang Avatar
Danny Chang
Great service and professional staff. You will find here a great place to complete your tax return. Very detailed.
Lyndi Johnson Avatar
Lyndi Johnson
Very thorough and explained in detail. Convenient location. Saved me a headache! Thanks.
Richie Rose Avatar
Richie Rose
Most excellent help! John is super friendly and helped me secure a great return on my tax this year. Highly recommend him and endurego!
Helen Qu Avatar
Helen Qu
Good company and great service. Professional staff with great patience:). Highly recommended!
Wayne Jing Xue Avatar
Wayne Jing Xue
Great company and fast tax return service. Highly recommended!
Jianbo Jiang Avatar
Jianbo Jiang
Great company and tax return service. Fast and professional. Very patient staff with great knowledge. Highly recommended for tax return. Easy with big refund.
Leow Yen Aun Avatar
Leow Yen Aun
Very friendly staff and efficient tax related duties, highly recommended.
John Cheng Avatar
John Cheng
Great company to work with, great team mates,