Making Simple Things Much Simpler

When we came to this earth as babies, we came as simple human beings; simple to the extent that we did not have anything, not even a cloth to cover our bodies. As infants, we lived simple lives – simple yet in unity with our nature. Everything we did in life had a purpose; we learned how to crawl, how to walk, how to run, and how to mimic our parent’s voice. How sweet the sound of daddy and mummy were to our ears.

I do not remember having such a simple life, but when my daughter was born, and saw how she evolved and equipped herself with many skills, I became aware (with a slight envy) of the simple lifestyle which she has at the moment.

However, once we grow up, we sometimes lose that sense of simplicity. We try to do things in a complicated manner, something complex and not in unity with our holistic nature.

home loan

As an adult, we work very hard to make money for ourselves and our families. We also have to think about how to save and invest the money that we save. Sometimes, there is a need to borrow money to buy properties and more investments. Questions like how to invest properly, and how to spare ourselves from taxes (thereby saving more money) keep running inside our heads.

The Simplicity Mind Frame for Home Loan

If we utilize the simple mind frame, which encompasses the unity and holistic nature of our humanity, we should find a formidable person to help us look after all the questions that hound us. Such a person is someone who will help us save our money from taxes, give us advice on how to minimize our tax expenses, aid us in lodging tax returns, provide sound analysis, and help us use our income wisely, especially when buying properties and investments. This person knows how to make more money, how to reduce tax expenditures, and how to structure it more properly so that your tax can be an incentive in itself.

Presently, there is a debate among government officials on whether to abolish the negative gearing of tax returns. Yet, such discussion might still need to be sponsored before it even becomes a policy priority.

After you have borrowed money to buy investments and properties, you need a period to manage your tax return and to ensure that you will properly do an annual review of your home loan. This will make sure that your tax payment efficiency is maintained. That is why it is important to do an annual review to assure yourself that your situation never gets overboard.

Sometimes, it is hard to find a professional who will help you do all those things. A lot of accounting firms can just help you prepare and lodge tax returns. Most mortgage brokers will just help you find a home loan product and some financial planners will only help you with products of investment, superannuation, and life insurance.

At EndureGo, our SIMPLER package is aimed at managing your financial affairs on a holistic basis with the ultimate goal of  “Maximizing your wealth through effective tax planning“.

To achieve this, we will manage your personal or company tax return on an annual basis, not only will we help you to prepare and lodge your tax return, but we will also provide you with 1 hour of tax planning session where we will work with you to analyze the tax efficiency of the current situation and recommends ways in which we can turn the tax saving into wealth.

As part of the package, we will also manage your home loan and investment loan, we will meet with you on an ongoing basis, and advise you as to when is a good time to purchase the property from the tax perspective, we will help you to source the fund at a low-interest rate from the bank to settle the property, during the settlement, we will help you to liaise with bank, conveyancer and real estate agent, hence you don’t need to worry a thing, the time you save can be spent with your loved ones to enjoy those special moments in life.

After the settlement, we will call you in, and review your home loan and investment loan to make sure it is still tax effective, we will also help you at your request to assist you with repaying the home loan earlier, hence we will work with you to set a realistic goal, and work with you on a 2 months basis to review the repayment schedule, and make any necessary fine modification to ensure the objective is being met.

We will also help you to fine-tune your superannuation, and optimize your tax position through strategies inside the superannuation, this is done to maximize the upside return. We will work with you to minimize the downside risk by advising and structuring effective life insurance, which will cover incidents if you die due to illness or injury, total permanent disability, critical illness, and temporary disability rendering you unable to work for a duration. The downside risk is managed in that if such an event did eventuate, we will help you to claim, hence you DON’T HAVE TO WORRY, and we will get the insurance to proceed and deliver into your hand.

Come and talk to the team at EndureGo, and we will show you that the notion of SIMPLER means just that making life as simple as possible.

ER. You do not have to worry about your investment or its risk; all you need to think about is making more than enough money. Let EndureGo do the strenuous work of investing your money – how to make it grow, and how to make sure your tax rate is working for you and not against you.