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Unlocking Tax Insights: ATO’s New Moves in the Inner West Sydney

Greetings, Inner West Sydney landlords! Get ready for an exclusive update on the latest tax regulations that could impact your rental property. The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) is gearing up its efforts, specifically targeting NSW rental bond income. Here’s a quick overview:

The ATO’s Data Boost

Prepare for a data influx! The ATO is set to receive extensive information from state and territory rental bond regulators, focusing on 900,000 landlords. This data aims to tighten compliance around NSW rental bond income.

The ATO is eyeing personal details about your rental property, including the address, number of bedrooms, and more. The objective is to capture any overlooked rental incomes and enhance overall tax system confidence.

Data-Driven Goals

To encourage “voluntary compliance,” the ATO is leveraging external and internal data. Their mission is to assist taxpayers in seamless compliance while fostering community trust in the tax system.

Beyond the common issues like underreported rental income and misapplication of CGT provisions, the ATO is shining a light on rental bonds. Many landlords declare regular rental income, but bond money often slips through the cracks. Tax agents are urged to stay vigilant.

ATO’s Friendly Reminder on NSW Rental Bond

Attention tax agents: if your clients forget to mention rent or NSW rental bond money, the ATO advises quick action. Lodge an amendment promptly to ensure a smooth compliance journey.

The ATO isn’t limiting itself to rental bond regulators. They’re incorporating third-party rental data from various sources, including property managers, banks, landlord insurers, and “sharing economy providers.” By April 2023, data from 1.7 million landlords, including major financial institutions, will be in their hands.

Ever wondered about the tax gap for rental property expenses? The ATO estimates it at a staggering $1 billion or 14% of the total individual tax gap.

Final Advice

Dear landlords of Inner West Sydney, stay proactive! The ATO is streamlining compliance, and staying ahead of the game is better. Keep your tax records in order, and consult with your tax agents when in doubt.

This exclusive tax update is tailored for you by EndureGo Tax Accounting Services – your go-to tax expert in the heart of Inner West Sydney!

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