How to protect yourself from tax audit and tax scam

Recently, there are a spam of fraudulent phone calls from tax scammers claiming to be Australian Taxation Office, and threatening you with tax audit, litigation and asking you to pay thousand of dollars to settle the tax audit, tax review cases with them.

One of my client spoke to me and he himself had been targeted by the tax scammers with such a phone call.

He was threatened with the allegation that “He has not done the tax returns for a number of years, and there are penalties of $4,500, and ATO is investigating the issue and had done the tax audit and had found that there were mistakes in the prior tax returns, and as such, ATO had found him to be recekless, and had levied a fine of $4,500”.

However, to the surprise of the tax scammer, my client then asked him the name of his registered tax agent. The fraudster could not tell, and my client then said that he will engage his registered tax agent to ring the ATO to look into the issue, and ask for a phone reference number, and that fraudster again could not provide the reference number, and then hang up the phone. The next day, the client informed us of the issue, and we then rang ATO, and found out the whole thing was a scam, and then told the client of the issue.

Tips on how to prepare a good tax return

My client is lucky in a sense that he has a responsible and caring registered tax agent and accountant to look after his tax affair, EndureGo Tax is one of the most trustworthy, professional and experienced accountant and tax agent in Ashfield Sydney.

The scammer is relying on the fact that ATO does charge around $900 as failure to lodge penalty for non lodging tax returns, and also there are more tax audits carried out by Tax Office on individual and small businesses, hence sometime when you receive such a phone call, normally you would believe and become concerned and scared, and sometime would conform to the request of the scammer and give him/her the money.

If you have receive similar phone call, or have not done the tax returns for a number of years, or had been targeted by Australian Taxation Office for a tax audit or review, please give EndureGo Tax a call on 0410-829-900 and speak to John, John is a professional FCPA and we will be able to assist you to resolve the many issues or tax audit issues you have with the Australian Taxation Office.