Avoid Superannuation Guarantee Charge

A Big Flood Hits NSW – Stay Safe with EndureGo Tax’s Wishes! EndureGo Tax Observes ATO’s Penalty Scheme and Provides Crucial Information to Avoid Superannuation Guarantee Charge Statement

Timely Super Guarantee Lodgment: Employer Responsibilities

As an employer, you must lodge and pay the Super Guarantee on time for every quarter, as follows:

  • Due Date 28 October: July to September
  • Due Date 28 April: January to March quarter
  • Due Date 28 July: April to June
  • Due Date 28 January: October to December

Consequences of Late Payment: Superannuation Guarantee Surcharge Statement

Failing to pay the super guarantee on time before the due date requires you to lodge a superannuation guarantee surcharge statement.

The Superannuation Guarantee Charge payment is equivalent to the late superannuation payment.

Note that the superannuation guarantee charge is not deductible.

Additionally, there are $20 administration fees per employee and a nominal interest of 10% per year from the date you are supposed to lodge the SGC or late to the time you lodge the SGC report.

At EndureGo Tax, we can assist you by applying the payment you had already made to the late superannuation guarantee payment to offset the Superannuation Guarantee Charge. Call us on our number 1800-841-312 for help.

Failure to lodge the SGC report by the due date may lead to a 200% penalty. Stay informed to avoid the Superannuation Guarantee Charge.

Urgent Reminder: Timely Payment for Super Guarantee Surcharge Avoidance

Hence, EndureGo Tax urges all of you to check your prior superannuation guarantee payment date and ensure that the superannuation guarantee is paid on time to avoid Super Guarantee Surcharge.