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First Home Buyer – Good and Bad Points About Off The Plan Property

Pros and cons of buying off the plan property

Many young people, when buying their first homes, would like to venture into the thought of buying off the plan property. What is acquiring the off the plan property?

Buying off the plan property involves a developer who wants to build an apartment, and might need to borrow the construction fund from the bank, hence as part of obtaining the construction fund from the bank, they need to sell a targeted percentage of the units before construction. Therefore they usually will engage off the plan property sale, and they regularly will engage a real estate agent to conduct the process.

Buying off the plan property involves a potential buyer, sometimes young people who want to buy that first home or first house. They would be attracted to that off the plan property, and would then sign the sales contract. After a certain stipulated cool-off period, they would later pay the 10% property value as the deposit, along with the stamp duty to a trust account held by the conveyancer or lawyer. Then they need to wait for 1 to 3 years, or sometimes longer for the development to finish, and wait for the developer to notify them of the exact settlement date. Hence it is essential to remember for off the plan property. The settlement date can sometimes be uncertain.

Buying off the plan has its risks and benefits. Hence it is essential to understand the associated risks and benefits, before making a decision.



When you are buying the off the plan property, you might be able to commit only a small amount of funds 10% of the property value to buy a property which is to settle in the future. Hence you can save up more to go toward the settlement.

Lower property price

Sometimes, if you get them off the planned project early enough, sometime before the development begins, the developer might be able to give you a discount, a discount of the property price. Hence you might be able to get a lower-priced property price.

Capital growth

There is a possibility that after you have signed the contract, and waiting for the property to complete. The property price sometimes would increase in value in the future. However, this will generally happen in the booming property period. It is also important to remember that the property price might drop as well.

Interest income

Some property developers would offer an alternative arrangement for you, rather than you using your own money to pay the 10% of the property price. Some developers would agree to accept the bank guarantee from your bank to use it as the 10% deposit of the property price. Hence the money would stay with you and earn some more interest income.

The flexibility of the design

Sometimes when people, especially young people, are buying the first house, they would like to have control over the final design of the house. The off the plan property would offer that flexibility; some developers would allow you to input your thoughts into the design of the house. 
Off the plan property also carries with itself risks, and some of the risks are quite high.

The developer may go bankrupt

The developer sometimes would go bankrupt, and once that happens, it will depend on your sales contract, it would depend on the conditions in the contract to ascertain whether you will be able to get the money back, which includes the 10% deposit. Also, when that happens, if the overall property market value goes up, you would lose the opportunity to secure that property at a lower cost at the time of the contract date.

Fall in the property value

When people or young people buy their first house, and when they buy the off the plan property, they would often expect the property price to increase, however, sometime after the park, when the value of the bank goes to the valuation, the property value might fall. Hence the amount of borrowing might increase, meaning you might need to pocket more money to settle the property.

The difference in the quality when complete

When you are buying the off the plan property, it would be different from purchasing an already completed property. For an already completed property, you would be able to inspect the house and understand the condition of the house, whether you like it or not. However, for an off the plan property, you would not know it until the completion date, and by then, you might not have many choices but to settle or cancel the contract. If you are to cancel the contract, then there might be a large amount of funds or penalty you might need to face.

Borrowing power might change

When you are buying an established property, your bank would be able to do a valuation of the property, and you would be able to quickly provide all the up-to-date payslips and other lending requirements to the bank, for them to make a decision.

For Off the Plan property, you might need to wait for for1 to 3 years for it to be complete. Only after the completion of the property, then you would be able to apply to the bank for formal approval, by which time, the bank might change its lending policy, or you might change your job. Your income evidence might not be acceptable, or your security might not be adequate for the bank.

Also, it is essential to consider the first homeowner grant and potential stamp duty concession, and those would differ State from to State. The first homeowner grant and the stamp duty concession would mean that you might need to prepare lesser at the settlement.

It is also vital to engage a good mortgage broker to assist you when buying off the plan property. Sometimes the developer might give you short notice when the property is finished and ask you to settle. By then, if you have a responsible and responsive mortgage broker, then he or she would assist you in deciding under a tight deadline.

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