Maximize GST and Tax Refund for UBER Tax Return

Great news, now there is a way to maximize GST and Tax Refund for your UBER Tax and Business Activity Tax Returns.

Are you a UBER driver, and are paying a service fee to your operator?

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Maximize gst refund and uber tax return

Previously, the service fee paid to UBER lacked the Goods and Services Tax (GST) due to its operation from a foreign company, exempting it from the Australian GST act. Consequently, claiming 10% of the 25% service fee seemed unattainable. If your monthly sales total $20,000 net of GST, equivalent to $22,000 including GST, and the 25% service fee stands at $5,500, the inability to claim 10% meant a loss of $550 per month.

Revolutionizing Rebates from December 1, 2017: A Potential Gain of $550 Monthly

From December 1, 2017, a paradigm shift occurred, paving the way for potential gains. The alteration allows you to reclaim 10% of the service fee, translating to an additional $550 per month. This newfound opportunity to maximize returns demands attention.

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