Let us reduce your audit risk while maximize your tax refund

Most of us by now would already have gotten our group certificate or the PAYG summary and are eager to find an experienced and professional tax accountant to help us maximize our tax refund. At EndureGo, as one of the most experienced and professional tax agents, we are here to help you reduce your audit risk from the Australian Taxation Office while maximizing your tax refund.

However, it is important to remember that this year, ATO has heightened its auditing focus toward the individual tax return, and the deductible work-related expense.

Reduce tax audit risk while maximize tax refund

The areas of focus this year:

  1. When considering Vehicle Expenses, taxpayers need to confirm if they have maintained the correct logbook or, if using the cents-per-kilometer method, whether they possess the appropriate car diary evidence.

    Uniform expenses, including laundry, require attention. The ATO’s stance is that many individuals might be misusing laundry expenses. If the laundry expense is below $150, substantiating it with invoice evidence is not mandatory. However, taxpayers still need to demonstrate the frequency and method of washing, whether done separately or mixed with other items, by maintaining a diary.

    Telephone and internet expenses necessitate a diary to support the work-related percentage. It is crucial to note that without a proper diary, the ATO may disallow the deduction for these expenses.

    Travel expenses must be approved by the employer, and a travel diary should support the work-related percentage.

    The ATO employs an internal database to benchmark each claimed deductible expense against controlled variables, such as age, occupation, and location.

    For example, a 36-year-old construction worker earning $80,000 may have an average vehicle expense of $2000. However, another construction worker in a similar age bracket earning around $50,000 might have a different average vehicle expense.

    At EndureGo Tax, as one of the most professional and experienced tax accountants, we assist you in legally maximizing all your deductible work-related expenses. Simultaneously, we use our state-of-the-art tax software to compare your deductible expenses with the ATO benchmark, ensuring compliance and preventing issues. Feel free to give us a call at 0410-829-900.