How to maximize tax refund and stay safe with tax as UBER driver

Are you an Uber driver running an Uber business in Sydney Ashfield and Adelaide?

We will help you review your tax return and BAS returns to help you to evaluate your potential tax audit or compliance risks. We will also help you maximize your tax return well stay safe with the Australian tax office.

One of the mistakes that Uber drivers make is to rely on the bank statement for expense entries, for example, if there is an entry in the bank statement of Caltex $700, the User driver will categorize it as fuel expense, and claim GST, but ATO doesn’t recognize the bank statement entries as proper substitution evidence, and if there is a tax audit, the Uber driver might not claim those expenses and have to refund the GST claimed, pay shortfall penalty and also higher taxes.

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A second common mistake is Uber drivers do not keep a log book, as the car they drive is a passenger car, hence if they don’t keep a logbook conforming to the ATO standard, then if you’re caught with a tax audit, ATO might argue that that they don’t know the weight of a business percentage for the car, hence as result you can not claim any money for the car related expenses which is the bulk of the expenses for UBER driver. On top of it, you must have to refund the overclaimed GST and have to pay 25%, or up to 95% of the overclaimed ad shortfall penalty.

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