We celebrate the done and settled boy’s birthday EndureGo Style

@ EndureGo, we believe if our team is happy, our customers will be happy.

We celebrate the Done and Settled Boy’s Birthday EndureGo Style, a lot of foods, a lot of laughters and one yummy birthday cake.

We want more home loan broker to join our team, hence we can celebrate your birthday EndureGo style.

If you have any home loan or refinance issues, and want the lower rate, please give the

Done and Settled Boy Rich a call on 0416 868 734. He will help you Done and Settle the house.

At the moment, after the RBA had decided the cut the interest rate by 25 basis points, the cash rate became the lowest in Australian History at 1.25%, and this is the first time the Reserve Bank had cut the interest rate since 2016.

Normally after the RBA has cut the interest rate, the banks will follow and pass the cut to the customers, however, this time, ANZ and Westpac did not pass the 25 basis cut to the customers, and if you have a home loan at the moment, it is important to really review your home loan, to see whether your home loan has the lower interest rate, and whether its negative gearing prowess is still good. At EG Home Loan, we will help you review your home loan to ascertain whether it has a lower interest rate, and if not, we will devise a strategy to ensure it will have a lower interest rate. On average people can benefit from a $700 lower interest expense if they review their home loan.

At the moment, our lower interest rate is 3.63%, the comparison rate is 3.96%. If you would like to make time to talk to our professional home loan broker, especially the Done and Settled Boy, please give Rich a call at 0416 868 734.