Extend the deadline to lodge your tax return

The deadline to lodge your individual tax return is approaching fast. If you have not done the FY2017 tax return, please remember the deadline to lodge it would be 31 October 2017 unless you have registered your name with a registered tax agent, in which the deadline will be extended to May 2018. Please give EndureGo Tax a call on 0410-829-900 to register your name hence you will have more time until next year to prepare your tax return.

Extend your tax lodgment deadline

A lot of people did not get the maximum tax refund because they were not been told to maximize the work related deduction and deductions for the investment property.

Common work related deduction pitfalls include the taxpayers work at home after work and did not claim the home office running expense; taxpayer did not claim the sun protection items when they spent most of time outside; incorrectly claim the self education expense; taxpayer did not claim the correct vehicle expense and as such under claim the expenses.

In addition, a lot of people often did not claim the travel expense and depreciation expense for their investment properties, and those expense will not be able to be claim for second hand dwelling from 1 July 2017. Hence if you have investment properties before 1 July 2017, please do give us a call on 0410-829-900 and we will be able to review your investment property loan structure and tax return to advise you whether there will be more tax refunds to be claimed in the prior years, and if so, we can help you to amend your tax returns and get the most tax refund for you not just now but also in the many prior years. We had helped people to amend their tax returns in the prior year, and some of them are able to get over $50,000 in total for the tax refunds after we had fixed the mistakes in the prior return.