We will look after your business tax affair for free until the Lockdown is over

COVID-19 business grants #COVID19 

There will be a light at the end of the Tunnel.

Stay #strong, stay #focused.

Amid the New South Wales (NSW) lockdown, EndureGo Tax is helping businesses facing unprecedented challenges. Recognizing the difficulties enterprises are grappling with, we are committed to assisting businesses in applying for essential grants such as the NSW COVID-19 business grants and the Cash Flow Boost. What sets us apart is our unique approach – we will ONLY collect payment after the NSW lockdown concludes.

Comprehensive Services for Small Business Owners

Our support goes beyond financial assistance. For small business owners in sectors like gyms, fitness, restaurants, food retail, and tradies, we offer comprehensive services to take over their accounting and tax affairs. This includes managing the quarterly Business Activity Statement (BAS) for the period from April to June and handling future tax obligations. Importantly, businesses only incur charges for these services after the conclusion of the NSW lockdown.

Partnering for Success

The uncertainty and financial strain brought on by the lockdown should not hinder businesses from getting the professional assistance they need. EndureGo Tax is here to ease the burden and provide tailored support during these challenging times.

Transitioning into a supportive role, if you find yourself in the sectors mentioned above, we encourage you to reach out. Send us a message, and let’s discuss how we can navigate these tough times together. Our commitment to you is not just financial expertise but a partnership that prioritizes your success and financial well-being.

In the spirit of community and support, EndureGo Tax stands firm as your ally in overcoming the challenges posed by the NSW lockdown. #EndureGo #COVID19 #Support #NSWLockdown

How We Can Help

We can also help small business people take over their accounting and tax affairs, do the quarterly BAS for April to June and future tax obligations, and only collect payments after the #NSW lockdown is over. If you are in #gym #fitness #restaurant #foodretail, #tradie, please come and talk to us, and we will help you out. Please send us a message.

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COVID-19 business grants