Director’s Personal Liable for Good and Service Debt

Do you know that director is personally liable for Good and Service Debt, PAYG debt and superannuation guarantee debt. This means that in a company structure, normally there is a corporate veil, meaning the company debt is only need to be repaid through company asset, unless the director is trading while insolvent, or breach certain […]

Are you claiming the maximum work related deduction for your Tax Return FY2022

Tax return 2022 is here, at EndureGo Tax, the leading CPA accountant and tax agent in Inner West Sydney Ashfield, Northern Beaches Belrose and Adelaide, South Australia, we are here to help you. It is essential to remind that the work from home office expense of short cut method of 80 cents per hour, which […]

Tax Basics for Nonprofit Organization

The nonprofit organization operates in many areas of our society; this will include: Church schools  Churches in the community  Childcare centers  Cultural societies  Environmental protection societies  Neighborhood associations  Public museums and libraries  Scholarship funds  Scientific societies  Scouts  Sports clubs  Surf lifesaving clubs  Traditional service clubs. Before venturing into establishing a nonprofit organization, it’s crucial to […]