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How to buy your first home – First Home Buyer Coach

Are you a first home buyer looking for that first dream house, our home loan specialist from EG home loan would be able to guide you through and support along the way and work with you to settle that house and turn into the home you always want to live in. We will guide you through the maze associate with the first home buying, and provide the first home buyer coaching program to all the first home buyers.

first home buyer

Home sweet home for first home buyer

Our home loan specialist will work with you on the saving aspect and work out what would be the optimal first home buyer deposit you need to have, if your borrowing is over 80% of the loan valuation ratio, then normally you need to pay a lender mortgage insurance, a lender mortgage insurance is not to protect you but to protect the bank in the event of default. Lender Mortgage Insurance is an additional cost to you, normally it is around 5% of the home loan. If you are interested in construction instead of buying your first house, our specialist also has plenty of options for you, this information at will let you know about all the construction companies we work with.

Another tip is to do thorough research on the location where you want to buy the house, for example, the average price of the suburb, and whether the location has schools to meet your children’s objective. However, one the most important tips for first home buyer is before you sign the contract, please give us a call at 0410-829-900 as we will then look at the Bank’s security database to see whether the property is acceptable to the bank in accordance with their security register.

We will then work out the optimal home loan size suitable to your circumstances, we will review your payslip and employment situation, and locate a home loan product suitable to you, we will help you to find that lower interest rate home loan with a minimum fee, hence the home loan will be cheaper and more affordable to you, our motto is to provide a solution based service to help you to meet your need.

We will provide the home loan service in a caring and professional manner because we know you care about buying that first house and turn into a home for your loved ones, and because you care, we will provide the professional home loan service to care about you.

Please give us a call at 0410-829-900 or visit our website at, and send us an email to