Amazing story of a UBER driver

I had been discussing UBER driver tax returns ways to maximize the GST refund and ways to minimize the tax payable in our blogs and Facebook on numerous occasions.
Today I will share with you my recent personal experience with a UBER driver this week.

Uber tax return

Small Talk

On Wednesday, as usual, I finished my work quite late, and was planning to walk for another 4 km back home,

However, the moment I stepped outside of the office, I noticed tiny little raindrops falling onto my face. Scaring of the rain, I then called a UBER, and that is where the story began.

The UBER driver was an elderly gentleman, I jumped in, and to be honest, I had to say, he shared with me some valuable insight into life and happiness.

He retired at the age of 52 after a massive heart attack. Before that, he was running a medium-sized business of around eight employees and would wake up early and then finish late and always worry about the business, the complaints, and the management of the employees.

uber driver

The Turn Around

He felt the intense stress was the culprit causing the heart attack.

After retirement, one sunny day, he was looking at the family photos, and he then suddenly realized those were the valuable time that he had missed.

Now, his daughter was already grown up, and tend not to want to spend too much time with him.

He regretted the time he had but did not use to spend quality time with his wife and kid when they were young.

He said the happiest time he enjoys now is going home with the thought that his wife will dine with him, sipping wine, looking at each other, telling each other jokes, and being content with each other and relaxing in each other’s presence.

He firmly whispers the words; success depends on your perception of being happy.  I share the same view as him. I believe that inner peace equals inner happiness.

The Great Accountant

However, I do point out to him that all is good in working hard and driving UBER, but finding a great accountant and tax agent is the critical difference to ensure that your hard-earned money does not necessarily all go to ATO.

With UBER, sometimes the game plan is not fair, the UBER driver will be charged GST on the full fare, however, the 25% UBER fee which the UBER group charges usually does not have GST. Hence it is essential to note down other valid deductible items, for example, ensure you keep a proper log book thus you can maximize the vehicle expense; with adequate categorization, sometimes it is even possible to claim tissue, finger foods you buy, and put in the car for the passengers to consume.

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