Finance and Law Seminar snapshot

The joint seminar between EndureGo Tax and Juriscor Legal was successfully held at Burwood City Library on 23 June 2016. Around 110 people attended the event, including the head of retail banking from Bank of China (Australia), the Members of NSW Parliament Geoff Lee and John Sidoti.

The seminar was well received by the audiences. John Cheng from EndureGo Tax showed to the audiences about ways in which one can follow at the end of financial year to #maximize #the #tax #refund, and showed examples in which EndureGo Tax could help YOU to save more than 40% of the tax.

John also explained about the historical house prices in the major capital cities in Australia since 1971, and pointed out the four time frames in which the house prices increased significantly, the latest been 1996 to 2003 and 2011 to 2015.
At the end, he also shared with the audiences about the new tax legislation which is going to come to effect on 1 July 2016, with which will target at the foreigner capital gain withholding tax, he succinctly.

John presenting the capital gain withholding tax to the audiences.

The members of parliament attending the seminar, Geoff Lee and John Sidoti

The three presenters of the seminar John Cheng, Yu Chen and Minbo Wang explained about the policy and how should one deal with it post 1 July 2016.

At the end, mysterious prizes were drawn and were given to the winners, the prizes included red wines from EndureGo and very good Shiraz from JurisCor Legal.

Mr Minbo Wang from Juriscor Legal presented an informative view on the stamp duty and land tax system in NSW, attention was drawn on the recent changes to the stamp duty system in NSW. Mr Yu Chen from Juriscor legal gave a very interesting lecture on the family law in Australia, he also drew examples from a recent popular soap drama in China about the family lawyer, and really made the audience more attuned to the topic.