Amazing story of a UBER driver

I had been discussing UBER driver tax returns ways to maximize the GST refund and ways to minimize the tax payable in our blogs and Facebook on numerous occasions.Today I will share with you my recent personal experience with a UBER driver this week. Uber tax return Small Talk On Wednesday, as usual, I finished […]

The Insider Guide on How to Maximize UBER TAX RETURN

Uber has taken Australia by storm with many Australians using Uber as a means of earning extra income and getting to places. But there may be serious Uber driver tax return problems ahead unless you do it right. Side income is easy with Uber, as long as you own a car you can be an […]

Quick and Easy ways to complete UBER tax return

The Australian Taxation Office is focusing its attention on those new business models using the share economy platform. ATO targeted a business model like UBER in August 2015, when ATO issued letters to around 30,000 UBER businesses asking them to register for GST. In this article, we as a professional CPA accountant and tax agents […]