Small Business Support Grant from the NSW Government

The NSW government has opened applications for the small business support grant. Eligible small and medium-sized businesses need to hurry and apply as the grant will close on March 31, 2022. Don’t miss out! This grant allows eligible businesses to apply for up to 4 weeks of payment ranging from $750.00 to $5,000 per week. […]

Job Maker and Federal Budget – How the government will pay for your employees

Would you like the government to pay for your employees. Now here is the catch, it is not a dream it is not a fantasy, but now you can. talk to us, as one of the most professional and experienced accountant and tax agent in Inner West Sydney, we will look after your small business, please give john a call on 0410829900

Are you Eligible for Job Keeper Program?

The extender JobKeeper program had changed its assessment rule from ending 30 September 2020. If you are receiving Jobkeeper or want to apply for Jobkeeper program. Please read on.

Do you know the income from redundancy due to COVID 19 might be tax free

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have lost jobs as a result of the business restructuring. Recently, Qantas AirWays had retrenched 6000 people, and other big brand companies like Virgin Blue, and Myers also had retrenched or sacked many of their employees. If you are one of the employees who had been sacked due […]

COVID19 working from home and how to maximize your tax refund

It is that time of the year again, the time to prepare and lodge your tax return. As a tax return specialist in the individual tax return, it is our job and aims to work with you to improve your tax position. We will endeavor to assist you in claiming as much as legally entitled […]

How to Lower the Audit Risk of Investment Property Tax Return by Using Rental Agent

The Labor Party is advocating to change the negative gearing policy in the next election, the proposal changes would involve limiting the deductibility of rental loss against other assessable income to new properties only, however, whether that particular legislation can be passed is still a question mark. Lower the audit risk of investment property tax […]

Tax Return Tips and Consequence of Tax Audit Risks

Have you done your tax return for FY2018, if you have not done it, do you know that the due date to do the tax return by yourself falls on 31 October, if you would like to save tax, see ways to maximize your tax position, or tax refund, you should give us a call, […]

Let us reduce your audit risk while maximize your tax refund

Most of us by now would already have gotten our group certificate or the PAYG summary and are eager to find an experienced and professional tax accountant to help us maximize our tax refund. At EndureGo, as one of the most experienced and professional tax agents, we are here to help you reduce your audit […]

Maximize GST and Tax Refund for UBER Tax Return

Great news, now there is a way to maximize GST and Tax Refund for your UBER Tax and Business Activity Tax Returns. Are you a UBER driver, and are paying a service fee to your operator? Maximize gst refund and uber tax return Previously, the service fee paid to UBER lacked the Goods and Services […]