Making Simple Things Much Simpler

When we came to this earth as babies, we came as a simple human beings; simple to the extent that we did not have anything, not even a cloth to cover our bodies. As infants, we lived simple lives – simple yet in unity our nature. Everything we did in life had a purpose; we […]

Sydney’s Property Market May Have Hit a Brick Wall

In the recent property data for the quarter October to December 2015, it seems the Sydney Property Market had decreased by 3.1%, the first drop in property price since June 2012. That is a wow factor. The biggest drop happens in Cantebury and Bankstown, which recorded 5.3%, while the south recorded a decrease of 4.3%. […]

5 Steps You Need to Consider Before Investing in a Property

Interested to invest in property? There are five things you need to plan well before you. 1) Set your specific and quantifiable investment goals – for example, some of your goals would be to generate a steady cash inflow of $1,000 per month and/or deriving an expected capital appreciation of 20% after one year time […]