Maximize your Tax Refund from Investment Property

Many people would overlook the importance of the capital gains tax and negative gearing implications when they set eyes on the investment property they want to buy.
They would talk to their mortgage broker and lawyer about how to settle the property, and how to get the lower interest rate. They would forget the fact that […]

COVID19 working from home and how to maximize your tax refund

It is that time of the year again, the time to prepare and lodge your tax return. As a tax return specialist in the individual tax return, it is our job and aims to work with you to improve your tax position. We will endeavor to assist you in claiming as much as legally entitled […]

How to lower the audit risk of investment property tax return by using rental agent

The Labor Party is advocating to change the negative gearing policy in the next election, the proposal changes would involve limiting the deductibility of rental loss against other assessable income to new properties only, however, whether that particular legislation can be passed is still a question mark. Lower the audit risk of investment property tax […]

Maximize tax refund for backpacker tax return

Are you a backpacker, and is looking for a professional tax agent or accountant to help you with the tax return hence you can maximize your tax refund. Read on, as we will show you the fundamental ways in which you need to know in order to maximize your tax refund. EndureGo Tax is one […]

Maximize tax refund through effective small business loss management

A lot of people in Australia would ran a side business besides their job to supplement some income, however, if those activities are making a loss, would it be a tax advantage to maximize your tax refund as one would assume you can use the loss to reduce the taxable income, hence paying lesser tax […]