How to reduce your capital gains tax correctly

as the leading CPA accountant in Inner West Sydney, we had helped many clients to lower the capital gains tax using the correct tax structure. Do you know that when you want to buy a property, and during the way, you did not settle, and lost the deposit, you should come and see us, and if you are eligible, you will be able to claim those as capital loss, to be used to reduce future capital gain.

How to lower the audit risk of investment property tax return by using rental agent

The Labor Party is advocating to change the negative gearing policy in the next election, the proposal changes would involve limiting the deductibility of rental loss against other assessable income to new properties only, however, whether that particular legislation can be passed is still a question mark. Lower the audit risk of investment property tax […]

The 10 Key Elements In Tax Planning for Doctors

Are you a medical practitioners or Doctors,  or a medical student currently finishing your degrees in the medical school, chances are that the profession is a very financial rewarding career path, however, at the end of the the tax year, most of the medical practitioners or doctors would become frustrated about one thing, and one […]