Finance and Law Seminar snapshot

The joint seminar between EndureGo Tax and Juriscor Legal was successfully held at Burwood City Library on 23 June 2016. Around 110 people attended the event, including the head of retail banking from Bank of China (Australia), the Members of NSW Parliament Geoff Lee and John Sidoti. The seminar was well received by the audiences. […]

Sydney’s Property Market May Have Hit a Brick Wall

In the recent property data for the quarter October to December 2015, it seems the Sydney Property Market had decreased by 3.1%, the first drop in property price since June 2012. That is a wow factor. The biggest drop happens in Cantebury and Bankstown, which recorded 5.3%, while the south recorded a decrease of 4.3%. […]

How to Make an Offer on a House

How to make an offer on a house Making a successful offer on a house is the first important thing you need to accomplish to ensure that you will get the house which you and your loved ones want.In Australia, there are three different ways to buy a house, private treaty, auction and private sale. […]