Tax return tips and consequence of tax audit risks

Have you done your tax return for FY2018, if you have not done it, do you know that the due date to do the tax return by yourself falls on 31 October, and if you would like to save tax, see ways to maximize your tax position, or tax refund, you should give us a […]

Let us reduce your audit risk while maximize your tax refund

Most of us by now would already have got their group certificate or the PAYG summary and are eager to find an experienced and professional tax accountant to help them to maximize their tax refund back.At EndureGo, as one of the most experienced and professional tax agent, we are here to help you to reduce […]

The 10 Key Elements In Tax Planning for Doctors

Are you a medical practitioners or Doctors,  or a medical student currently finishing your degrees in the medical school, chances are that the profession is a very financial rewarding career path, however, at the end of the the tax year, most of the medical practitioners or doctors would become frustrated about one thing, and one […]