Secret in how you can get the fattest tax return possible

Extend your tax return lodgement deadline

The deadline to lodge your tax return has passed, if you have not lodged your tax return, please do not worry, as you can talk to the EndureGo Tax, one of the best boutique accountant and tax agent firm in Sydney, and they will help you to extend the lodgement deadline to May 2017, and also to meet up with you to give you the cutting-edge insight in maximizing your tax refund.

EndureGo Tax will work with you to not only lodge your tax return but to guide you to maximise your deduction to maximise the tax refund in an efficient way now, and after the tax return is done, the professional CPA accountant will also give you a 15minutes free time to talk with you about how to structure your tax in an efficient and effective manner, hence you can maximise your tax refund easier going.

Maximize your tax refund Sydney and Adelaide

We have accessed to the privilege data in the ATO registered tax agent portal only available to the registered tax agent, and we will make sure that you declare all of your PAYG income, interest and dividend incomes, what is more, if you had lost your PAYG form, not to worry, we will help you to retrieve it in our tax agent portal.

To be honest, ATO is great at knowing all of your income sources, however, it does not have any mechanism to tell you have forgotten a deduction for work related purpose, investment loss or carry forward capital loss, which is very important as it carries future tax benefit to offset against the future capital gain.

Max tax refund the easier way

In order to maximize your tax refund, the professional CPA accountant will work with you to dig out every possible expense which can be claimed as deduction, and will ask you key questions, to the extent we might claim some work related expenses which you might previously had forgotten. The rule of the game is simple, the work related deduction will lower your taxable income, hence lowering your tax bracket, and by doing that you would be able to maximize the work related deduction and at the same time maximise the tax refund, hence if you are in Ashfield Sydney, or Adelaide South Australia, make an appointment with us, and we will not just spend 5 minutes to lodge your tax return, but a good amount of quality time hence we will not miss those valuable tax deduction. The extra amount of time we put in will derive value, and put a smiling face to you, obviously if you are smiling, the ATO’s face would not be happy.

IS DIY Tax return really for you

Hence ATO at the moment, is really encouraging people to use their designed lodgement software,  hence, doing it yourself or DIY has become easier, according to statistic, some taxpayers using my TAX to complete their returns in less than 20 minutes, and early data from ATO showed that Aussie filing their own returns jumped 60% at the start of July. However, one needs to ask, are you getting the most maximum return from Doing it yourself has become easier since the ATO introduced free on-line system my Tax a couple of years ago. Some taxpayers using my Tax to complete their returns in less than 20 minutes, and early data from the ATO showed that Aussies filing their own returns jumped 60 at the start of July.

While the DIY option can be great for those with simple tax affairs, be aware that you will miss out on money if you forget to claim everything you are entitled to. Also you are missing a great opportunity to deal with a professional accountant in Sydney and Adelaide not only to maximize your tax refund now but also plan your tax return well now hence you can maximize your tax refund in the future.

In our next article, we will show you the seven tips of maximize tax refund, the first tip would be, if you are not a PR or Citizen, backpackers in Australia, and not entitled to your Medicare care, please be careful and tell that to your professional accountant, as he/she will prepare the necessary steps hence you do not have to pay the Medicare levy, which is 2% of the taxable income, plus additional Medicare levy surcharge, on an income of 100,000, that works out to be $3,500.00. EndureGo Tax is also a specialist in doing the backpacker tax returns, or tax returns for people on temporary visa or business visa, we had helped one of our client to lodge the current tax return and save $3,500 tax dollar in Medicare levy, but what is more, we had helped him to correct the tax returns which were lodged incorrectly previously, and helped him to get more than $7,000 back in cash refund, let me tell you, he was very happy.

If you need some expert advice in lodging your tax return and maximizing the tax refund, please visit our website at, or give us a call on 02-8958-1959 or 0410-829-900