Navigating the Maze of Tax Deductions: Real Estate Agent’s $150k Claim Denied by ATO

In a recent twist of events, the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) assessment dealt a blow to experienced real estate agent Robert Copley. The Administrative Appeals Tribunal aligned with the ATO’s findings, spotlighting the intricacies of real estate tax deductions and the essential role of meticulous record-keeping.

The Background:

Robert Copley, as the managing director of a real estate agency and holding a substantial share in Copley & Associates Pty Ltd, actively pursued tax deductions for the income years ending in 2018, 2019, and 2020. His initial claims amounted to $28,773, $26,359, and $24,253. However, a pre-issue audit by the ATO triggered a comprehensive examination of these deductions.

The Audit Process:

During the audit, the ATO requested supporting documents from Mr. Copley’s accountants, which were not furnished. Consequently, amended assessments were issued, disallowing a significant portion of the initially claimed deductions. Undeterred by this setback, Copley’s tax agent objected, vehemently arguing for the legitimacy of the expenses.

The Tribunal’s Verdict:

While some objections found favor, including director’s fees and certain rental expenses, the ATO disallowed car expenses, work-related expenses, and gifts and donations. Crucial issues were highlighted by the Tribunal, such as Mr. Copley claiming expenses for a company-owned vehicle, insufficient specificity in the logbook, and a lack of receipts for fuel expenses.

Lack of Substantiation:

The Tribunal raised a primary point of contention concerning Mr. Copley’s failure to provide adequate receipts and records to substantiate the claimed expenses. The absence of clear evidence, especially regarding charitable donations and interest on credit cards, worked against him. The Tribunal conclusively determined that the claimed expenses were not deductible under section 8-1 of the ITAA 1997.

Lessons Learned:

Dr. Evans-Bonner, a senior member of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, underscored the significance of maintaining proper records. Furthermore, he clarified that Mr. Copley’s restructuring of his affairs would serve as a preventive measure, averting similar issues in the future.


Robert Copley’s case serves as a cautionary tale for professionals in the real estate sector seeking substantial tax deductions. It emphasizes the imperative of meticulous record-keeping and the establishment of a clear nexus between claimed expenses and income generation. As individuals navigate the intricate landscape of tax regulations, Mr. Copley’s experience sheds light on the critical importance of compliance and the potential repercussions of inadequate substantiation.

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