Go Further with EndureGo

Go Further with EndureGo is an aspiration share by our team member.Our cutting edge service will deliver the followings for you:

  1. Fast instant tax return
  2. Better business performance through effective business coaching and advice
  3. Lower your interest rate to save thousand of dollars off your home loan

In the coming weeks, we will publish on weekly basis to share with you how we can go further with EndureGo in term of maximizing tax refund, repaying the home loan earlier, and creating more wealth through effective tax planning.

Tax specialist in Sydney and Adelaide

Go Further with home loan

The first step in going further with home loan is that we will proper review your situation before getting the home loan which is most comparable to you, we will deliver the lower interest rate to ensure that your home loan works for you, rather than you work for it. We will also review your home loan on a yearly basis to ensure that your home loan stays fit and lean.

One of the tip in which I would like to share with you is that where possible try to use principle and interest as a repayment method rather than interest only. There is not much of a difference between repaying home loan on principle and interest versus interest only. For example for a $800,000 home loan, on a 4% interest rate, the monthly repayment on principle and interest would be $3,819, on interest only it would be $2,666, hence the difference per year would be $13,828. However, if you repaid the home loan on interest only, the total interest expense for 30 years would be $960,000, however, if you adopt the principle and interest repayment method, then the total interest would be $574,856, a saving of $385,144.00.

In the article we will share with you how offset account would help you to repay your home loan earlier.