Refinance Home Loans

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Whether you want to save money on your mortgage, pay off your loan sooner, get cash out from your property, or consolidate debt, refinancing is the perfect choice for you. Do you have a home loan, and you always think it might have a high-interest rate but never had time to review the home loan. Our professional home loan managers can help you do a health check-up on your home loan.

There are also many advantages to refinancing your home loans. As one of the most specialized and experienced home loan brokers in Ashfield, Sydney, and Adelaide, our professional mortgage brokers are here to help.

When you do a refinance, there are things you need to consider. For example, whether you can lower the interest rate or consolidate debts such as personal loan, car loan, and credit loan into a home loan. Hence it is easier to manage your finance. Potentially, it could lower the interest expense. EG Home Loan team could help you secure a better interest rate, which can be done by either locking in a lower fixed rate for a set period or splitting your loan between variable and fixed interest rate.

Sometimes, you might buy a house many years ago. But you felt the house had increased in value, hence by using a refinance option, you could use the equity in your home to borrow more money (subject to the normal lending condition and assessment) to renovate or improve your lifestyle.
Our lending specialists can also help you make your short-term debts more comfortable managing by consolidating credit cards and personal loans into your home loan when you refinance.

Our home loan team can also help you refinance and get features to suit your lifestyle. We can help you to save interest with an offset account, make extra repayments to get ahead and redraw them if you need to.