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Our Approach

Endurego Professionals


We think your accountant should be your collaborator and who has the expertise to unlock the full potential of your business. While taxation law and market forces apply to all businesses alike, we understand that every business is a unique enterprise. Our focus is on understanding your objectives and tailoring our service to help you achieve them through every available legal strategy.


Whether you’re running a business or running a household you need to know what your costs are. That’s why we maintain a completely transparent pricing. We keep you fully updated, and price all work up front. That way there are never any hidden costs and you remain in command of the process.

Customer focussed

Behind the numbers are people. No matter the complexity good accounting is about making financial improvements in our clients’ lives. That’s why focus on personalised and helpful service. There are no silly questions, just questions that need answers and our team are on hand to answer them now. Our aim is to build solid and lasting relationships with our clientele.

As a leading professional CPA accounting firm with offices in Ashfield, Sydney, and North Beaches, Adelaide. We’re ready to get your finances and tax affairs optimized. Call EndureGo today for an initial free 15 minute telephone consultation with John and his team on 1800 841 312.

If you want value added tax accounting, call EndureGo today for an initial free 15 minute telephone consultation with John and his team on 1800 841 312.

Fixed Fee Accounting Tax

We offer a fixed or flat fee service model for our standard accounting and taxation services, including business accounting and tax. That means you will be assured of how much money you need to pay to us, and you do not have any surprise. In addition, as we are so confident about the level of technical expertise and ability to help you. We even offer a fee for success model for specific complex tax audits or tax advice. The model allows you to pay us a lower price or sometimes zero amount, and if you get a good outcome, we will charge you the full fee; if not, you do not need to pay us anything more.

Our flat service fee model gives you the peace of mind of knowing precisely how much you pay. The fixed fee is determined by what work is included. This approach keeps things simple, predictable and cost-effective.

We’re ready to make your business operation more straightforward and more profitable. Call EndureGo today for an initial free 15-minute telephone consultation with John and his team on 1800 841 312.

Business Tax

When dealing with EndureGo Tax, you are not dealing with an answering machine or a number in the firm. Instead, you will be managed by one dedicated professional staff from our firm, who has been assigned to you at the inception of the engagement. If we can not answer your phone at the spot, we will promptly return your phone call; our partner, the CPA accountant, will speedily address your key issue.
With that kind of service, you CAN ask your accountant those simple questions you always wanted to ask without worrying about being charged. Our fast response time and fixed price system mean we will get to you quickly to solve the problem while ensuring you do not need to pay us more.

Tax Audits

Being audited by the Australian Taxation Office can be distressing and confusing. However, EndureGo Tax has a team of highly experienced professional CPA accountants with the expertise to put an end to the stress and negotiate a favourable outcome for you. We had successfully completed various large tax audit jobs for clients and helped those businesses to minimize or eliminate the tax ramifications from the tax audits.


Do you find bookkeeping and keeping track of invoices a headache? Many small business owners lose sizeable tax refunds by losing invoices or a failure to claim certain expenses.
For as little $5.50 per day EndureGo Tax can end the headache and increase your tax refund.
We ensure every invoice is recorded to maximize your GST claim, while filing your invoices in a structured manner for future reference. By having EndureGo Tax on your team, you’ll have more time to do what your do best.

Among our bookkeeping clientele are builders, tradespeople, IT professionals, freelancers, beauticians, hairdressers, contractors, franchisees, medical professionals, allied healthcare businesses, construction businesses, wholesalers, couriers and more. We use online, cloud-based accounting software packages such as Quicken and Xero which are trusted by accountants and businesses worldwide.

Whether you’re a sole trader just starting out or an established medium sized business, we can find a solution for you and your budget.

If you’d like to get your bookkeeping taken care of, call us today on 1800 841 312

Starting a business?

We can show you the advantages of operating as a sole trader, a partnership, a unit trust, a family trust or a company. Operating with the right business entity is not simply a matter of scale. What structure you choose to operate through can have a profound and lasting impact on your business viability and long term financial health.

By gaining an understanding of your current position and your long-term objectives, we can safely guide you to choosing the right structure for your business. And, at Endurego, there are never any silly questions – our job is simply to provide appropriate guidance to help you get where you want go.

As a leading professional CPA accounting firm with offices in Ashfield, Sydney, and Northern Beaches Belrose, Adelaide, we’re ready to help you get your business started. Call EndureGo today for an initial free 15 minute telephone consultation with John and his team on 1800 841 312.

Tax debt restructure and negotation

Are you having trouble meeting your ATO debt, and are those debt obligations causing you and your family financial hardship?
Call us at 1800841312, and we will assist you in negotiating with the ATO to have the obligation discharged or enter into an instalment plan for the duty obligation.
If nothing else works out, we have an answer for you in that we work with leading bankruptcy professionals and would work with them to navigate a pathway for you to be free from your tax obligation. This would involve the review of your current situation and the possible implementation of Part 9 of liquidation and Part 10 of bankruptcy. The result might be you might do not have to pay those debts off after Part 10 or some with the Part 9 arrangement.