Tax Audit Tips from Michael Cranston – Past Deputy Commissioner of ATO

A tax audit can sometimes be quite frightening and daunting to those people who are not well prepared for a tax audit. In Australia, the tax-lodgement system is based on the self-lodgement protocol, which means you would lodge the tax return, both individual and business tax returns. You would be responsible for the accuracy and […]

Tax audit – how to minimize the risk and the tax bill

Our framework in assisting customers with tax audit is based on four principles, MEET, PLAN, ANALYZE, and NEGOTIATE. According to the latest news, 400 small businesses will expect visits from the Australian Tax Office (ATO) this March.  ATO will target at take away shops, hair salons, beauticians to target the problem of under declare of […]

The 10 Key Elements In Tax Planning for Doctors

Are you a medical practitioners or Doctors,  or a medical student currently finishing your degrees in the medical school, chances are that the profession is a very financial rewarding career path, however, at the end of the the tax year, most of the medical practitioners or doctors would become frustrated about one thing, and one […]

Nine Steps to Own Your House Earlier than the Usual

Many people in Adelaide and Sydney have the aspiring goal to own his/her own house sooner rather than later, however, that dream is becoming harder to achieve as the house prices had sky rocketed in the past three years. In Sydney along, the house prices on average had increased by 52.6% over the past 3 […]

Sydney’s Property Market May Have Hit a Brick Wall

In the recent property data for the quarter October to December 2015, it seems the Sydney Property Market had decreased by 3.1%, the first drop in property price since June 2012. That is a wow factor. The biggest drop happens in Cantebury and Bankstown, which recorded 5.3%, while the south recorded a decrease of 4.3%. […]