Tax Audit

Did your business receive that nasty letter from the Australian Taxation Office – ATO, advising you that they will need to audit your paperwork and invoices for the lodged tax returns? At EndureGo Tax, as the leading CPA accounting firm in Inner West Sydney Ashfield, Northern Beaches Belrose and Adelaide, we are specialists in providing tax audits.

We have an excellent success track record in dealing with ATO and helping the clients come out from the tax audit without paying too much shortfall tax penalty. An important tip that we would like to share with you is that it is imperative to evaluate the situation and form a strategy as early as possible during a tax audit. Also, it is essential to keep an open communication channel with the ATO to minimize any consequences of the tax audit.

It is essential to foster collaborative and open communication when dealing with the ATO auditor to facilitate an optimal outcome. It is imperative to understand the critical concern in any tax audit case, see what the ATO auditor is looking for, and try to give the ATO auditor the relevant and concise information to be satisfied with the audit case. If not, the audit case might open up to other years and other related entities.